Polyurethane DIP Mold and CIP Mold

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Polyurethane DIP Mold and CIP Mold

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Application: Polyurethane DIP Mold and CIP Mold


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Polyurethane DIP Mold and CIP Mold


Polyurethane DIP Mold and CIP Mold

Dry bag DIP polyurethane mold is a mold made of polyurethane material. This kind of mold has the characteristics of high precision, high wear resistance and high tear resistance, and is suitable for producing high-quality plastic products. During the production process, the polyurethane material is injected into the mold and then dried and solidified under pressure to finally form the desired mold shape. This mold process can produce plastic products with smooth surfaces and fine structures, while improving production efficiency.

Wet bag isostatic pressing CIP rubber sleeve is a rubber sleeve mold made using isostatic pressing technology. This kind of mold usually consists of an inner rubber layer and an outer rubber layer, with liquid glue filled in the middle. During the production process, liquid rubber is injected into the mold, and then gradually dries and solidifies under pressure, finally forming the shape of the rubber sleeve. Compared with dry DIP polyurethane molds, wet wet isostatic pressing CIP rubber sleeves have higher flexibility and adaptability and can be used to produce plastic products of different shapes and sizes. In addition, this mold process can also improve the toughness and durability of the product. 

    Jiangsu High Industry on the research and development and production of high-performance polyurethane isostatic pressing molds. Through in-depth cooperation with many isostatic pressing equipment manufacturers and in-depth study of the industry, the developed isostatic pressing polyurethane mold series products have the characteristics of long service life, high precision, small deformation, easy demoulding, etc., and are widely used in ceramics, etc. Static pressing mould, cemented carbide isostatic pressing mould, rare earth permanent magnet material isostatic pressing mould, graphite isostatic pressing mould, etc.

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