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Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags/Tooling

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Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags/Tooling


Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags/Tooling

Isostatic pressure technology, which began in the mid-1950s, uses liquid or gas media to exert uniform and equal forces from all directions on products in closed high-pressure containers. According to the principles of fluid mechanics, the pressure remains unchanged and evenly transmitted to the product. In all directions, the product is formed into a dense body.

The working principle of isostatic pressure is Pascal's law: the pressure of the medium (liquid or gas) in a closed container can be transmitted equally in all directions.

Isostatic pressing technology has been gradually applied from research experiments to large-scale production. Because of its characteristics such as precision molding and improved material properties, many industries use this technology for powder consolidation or defect repair in castings, including ceramics, metals, composites, plastics and carbon.

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 Jiangsu High Industry focuses on the research and production of isostatic pressing moulds, customizes various dry bag and cold isostatic pressing moulds, adapts to different models of various manufacturers at home and abroad, and deeply understands the needs of various industries. Alloy, graphite and other industries provide high-performance isostatic pressing mold rubber sleeves.


Product overview: Isostatic pressing rubber mold is used for the molding of ceramic materials, tungsten and molybdenum materials, graphite materials, refractory materials, and alloy powders. It can be customized according to drawings, and can be designed according to samples.

Product features: The deformation of the elastic mold under the pressure of the liquid medium is transmitted to the powder in the mold. The friction between the powder and the mold wall is small, the blank is uniformly stressed, and the density distribution is uniform, and the pre-pressed blank is encapsulated. In the elastic rubber mold, it is put into the high-pressure cylinder after sealing, and the green body is compressed and formed by liquid transfer.

Product advantages: The design of the mold cover is reasonable to ensure no water leakage, the blank is well formed, and the service life is long, including the fixture for processing the blank, which can be customized! There is a free amount of open steel molds.

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