Excellent properties and main applications of isostatic graphite

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Excellent properties and main applications of isostatic graphite

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Application: Excellent properties and main applications of isostatic graphite


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Excellent properties and main applications of isostatic graphite


Excellent properties and main applications of isostatic graphite


Isostatic graphite refers to a graphite material obtained by pressing high-purity graphite powder in a sealed liquid environment at normal temperature and transferring the powder by ultra-high pressure. Because the pressure in the liquid is equal on each side, it is called cold isostatic pressing. Shaped graphite has the same property values in different directions.


Compared with ordinary graphite, isostatic graphite products have a series of excellent properties, including: strong thermal stability, low expansion rate, excellent chemical resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and good processability.

The main applications of isostatic graphite from graphite product manufacturers include: photovoltaic industry, semiconductor and LED industry, high temperature furnace, electric discharge machining, metal industry, glass and refractory industry.

Isostatic graphite is a new type of graphite material developed in the 1960s, which has a series of excellent properties. It has good heat resistance and thermal shock resistance, isotropy, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and has excellent machinability.

Isostatic graphite not only has great achievements in civilian use, but also occupies an important position in the cutting-edge field of national defense. It is an irreplaceable material for the manufacture of single crystal furnaces, metal continuous casting graphite crystallizers, graphite electrodes for EDM, etc. It is also an advantageous material for manufacturing rocket nozzles, deceleration materials and reflective materials for graphite reactors. The main application areas are:

1. Application of isostatic graphite in nonferrous metallurgy:

In order to shorten the production process, reduce costs, improve quality, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, the production of metal materials has gradually developed in the direction of continuous casting for more than 20 years. So far, copper and aluminum have basically realized continuous casting production. Isostatic graphite is mainly used in large-scale copper production lines. At present, there are hundreds of production lines in my country, all of which use graphite crystallizers.

2. Application of isostatic graphite in atomic energy industry

In nuclear reactions, nuclear fusion will release huge energy. To make nuclear fusion go on for a long time, the plasma must be maintained at a certain temperature state. Graphite is an important material for maintaining plasma stability. In addition, graphite is also a neutron moderator and an excellent reflector, and its excellent characteristics have established its position in the field of nuclear industry.

3. The role of isostatic graphite in the solar industry

Due to the high strength, high density and good isotropy of the isostatic graphite material, the graphite parts made of it are heated and heated more uniformly during use, and at the same time, the uniform density of the material can effectively reduce the damage caused by the rapid cooling and rapid heating of the material. Internal stress (good thermal shock resistance), so it can greatly extend the service life of equipment or appliances, so in the semiconductor and solar industries, a large number of isostatic graphite (isotropic graphite) is used to make Cz type single crystal Czochralski Graphite components in the furnace heat field; heaters for polysilicon melting and casting furnaces, heaters for compound semiconductor manufacturing and other components.

4. Other aspects:

In addition to the above-mentioned main uses, isostatic graphite is widely used in cemented carbide (vacuum furnace heaters, sintered plates, etc.), mining (manufacturing drill bit molds), chemical industry (heat exchangers and anti-corrosion parts), machinery (mechanical seals) , aerospace (nozzles, etc.), and other fields are widely used.

China is a developing country that is entering a period of heavy industrialization, and China has become a world-class "manufacturing factory". Moreover, the development of science and technology has brought about a new industrial revolution, and the broad application fields of isostatic graphite materials and products have brought vitality to the isostatic graphite industry.

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Isostatic Pressing Molds/Bags for Isostatic Pressing Graphite

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