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Isostatic Pressing Molding/Bags

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Isostatic Pressing Molding/Bags


Isostatic Pressing Molding/Bags

Application of isostatic pressing molding Isostatic pressing process products have uniform structure, high density, small sintering shrinkage, low mold finished products, high production efficiency, and can be formed with complex shapes, slender products, large-sized products and precision-sized products. The advantage is that it is a relatively advanced molding process at present, and it has begun to replace the traditional molding method with its unique advantages, such as spark plugs, ceramic balls, plungers, vacuum tube shells and other products produced by ceramics.


In the isostatic pressing process, the characteristics of the powder, the filling density of the powder in the mold, and the structure of the mold have a great influence on the performance of the formed body, and the structural design of the isostatic pressing mold is very important. In the specific implementation of the isostatic pressing forming process, it is divided into direct isostatic pressing forming and molding-isostatic pressing combined forming process, and the direct isostatic pressing forming process is divided into internal pressure method and external pressure method according to the direction of pressure. pressure method. The designs of the molding dies and wrappers corresponding to these different methods also have their own characteristics.


The working principle of isostatic pressing technology is to put the pressed green body in a closed high-pressure cavity, the outer surface of the green body is covered with an elastic mold sheath, fill the high-pressure cavity with high-pressure liquid, apply a high pressure of hundreds of MPa, and the green body The body is subjected to uniform pressure in all directions and shrinks uniformly. After reaching the predetermined pressure and maintaining it for a certain period of time, a highly densified green body can be obtained. The green body after isostatic pressing has good strength and is convenient for machining. The compactness of the green body is good and uniform, and the mechanical properties are improved.


Compared with traditional dry pressing, isostatic pressing has the following advantages:


1. The green body has a higher density, which is generally about 10% higher than that of dry pressing.


2. It can make blanks with large size or complex shape.


3. The green body has good strength, which is convenient for handling and direct machining.


4. The density of the green body is uniform in all directions, and the internal stress of the green body is small, which reduces defects such as cracking and delamination of the green body, and the deformation of the sintered product is small.

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