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Cold Isostatic Pressing Molds

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Cold Isostatic Pressing Molds


Cold Isostatic Pressing Molds

At present, cold isostatic pressing technology is widely used in various fields such as daily-use ceramics, architectural ceramics, and special ceramics. Such as discs, dishes, alumina grinding balls, alumina chemical filler balls, refractory bricks, ceramic sticks, spark plugs, high-frequency porcelain sleeves, composite ceramics, etc.


Cold isostatic pressing technology has the following advantages: improve the degree of consolidation of the product, increase the mechanical properties of the product, relatively centralized data in the production process, can control production more safely, very low corrosion, high efficiency and low cost.

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    Jiangsu High Tech Co., Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. It is a high-tech enterprise that develops and produces high-performance polyurethane products, cold isostatic pressing molds and cold isostatic pressing machines. The company's main products are polyurethane isostatic pressing molds and cold isostatic pressing machines. The company's products are widely used in all walks of life in China and exported to more than 30 regions around the world. They are widely praised by customers for their excellent quality and good service. The company always adheres to the product concept of "quality first" and has a deep understanding of customer needs. The company has been committed to the research and development and production of high-performance polyurethane elastomer molds for many years, and solves various design and production problems of polyurethane elastic molds for isostatic pressing users. The company has mature production and processing technology and a complete set of experimental equipment for mold elastomer analysis. In order to ensure the excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, cutting, tear resistance and clarity of the product and excellent dimensional stability. Its products are widely used in magnetic materials, ceramics, cemented carbide, high temperature refractory materials, rare earth permanent magnets, carbon materials, rare metal powders and other industries.


    Compare to traditional rubber cold isostatic pressing bags, the polyurethane CIP bags have significant advantages. As a new polymer material, polyurethane products feature smooth surface, wearing-resistant, anti-fatigue, low deformation rate. The surface of pressed products with polyurethane bags is much smoother than that pressed with rubber bags, thus it possesses better looks and less postprocessing is required. It’s an ideal tool for powder material forming by press process, which can help a company reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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